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Let me introduce you to Sal & Pimenta Kids. They are just about the sweetest children’s line from Lisbon, Portugal. I’m a sucker for European children’s clothing, and If you are anything like me, you will love to dress your children in sweet little angelic outfits with European details. It’s difficult to find brands that are unique, and that you don’t see on children everywhere.

Sal & Pimenta Kids is one of our favorite lines for sweet, detailed swimwear with impeccable quality. In addition to swimwear, they design and sell girls, boys, and baby clothing. It’s a line that you will rarely see when playing at the park. The look is a bit more refined, but in the best way! We love the Europeans.

Designer, Teresa, created Sal & Pimenta Kids 10 years ago. She is mother to 2-year-old daugther Maria. Teresa says, “It has been truly overwhelming watching this small brand evolve and grow step-by-step, now occupying most of my time.” She loves this line and everything related to childhood. Teresa hopes that one day the children who wore her pieces associate them to their “happy and preoccupation-free childhood.” She knows that there is “nothing like childhood and I know that my costumers make an effort to add a touch of magic to their children’s world.”

All of Sal & Pimenta Kids‘ products are handmade in local ateliers by people who dedicate their entire lives manufacturing clothes for little ones.

Outfit Details: Whales Swimsuit

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