As I continue to unveil who Mama etc., you should know …

We are a basketball family. My husband, Mark, coaches high school basketball so we eat, live, and breathe basketball … nearly year-round. During the season, my girls and I look forward to games. They have cheerleader and Bruinette costumes, and it’s always a debate over which one to wear. All three of us (Eloise, Charlotte Cate, and I) are at every home game; and we attend most away games. On occasion, I’m known to get a babysitter for the girls on school nights so I can catch a game solo. So much is invested into these teams being a coach’s wife, that I care too much not to go. Being a coach’s family is a way of life. It’s hard work; we share our Papa with a basketball team full of high school boys and their families, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world! It’s a life we absolutely love.


As you can see, the girls love the excitement and entertainment of game nights. I’m often asked, do y’all really go to every home game? Yes. Even on school nights? Yes. It’s important to realize different things work for different families. Bedtime isn’t an issue, at least not yet, on game nights. The girls go to the games having already finished homework, eaten dinner, and taken baths. While running on the court is always a favorite after the game, it’s a privilege reserved for Friday nights. The girls change into pajamas for the car ride home. And if I’m lucky, they fall asleep in the car.

As mamas, we need to remember balance. It’s okay to let the day-to-day rules slide from time-to-time. Learn to let things go, take time to relax, and have fun!

Outfit DetailsTwo Sisters Bows // Custom cheerleader uniforms

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