Each year during family beach trips, we always make an effort to take our “family beach pictures.” It’s definitely not something my husband, Mark, looks forward to, and it’s something I most definitely overthink. I usually have a vision weeks (okay, maybe months) before our trip, having every last detail planned, but this year things were different. I figured, I’d just “wing” it. I packed everyone’s bags without coordinating “picture” outfits. I figured I wouldn’t stress about it, and if we got pictures, great. If not, that was great too.

While shopping at Outpost, one of my most favorite shopping spots ever on 30A (or maybe in the world), I found the most perfect coordinating outfits for a photoshoot … should one transpire!




Outfit Details: Elina Lebessi blue and white kaftan // tassel earrings // Nellystella Zoe dress // lil’ lemons by For Love & Lemons Little Daisy Bow Dress

What to wear for family photos?

  1. Coordinating pieces but not matching. Stick with a common color. Or possibly let one piece be the inspiration for the shoot, and coordinate the other pieces to it. Most importantly, outfits should help express and showcase individual personalities.
  2. Stray away from all-white or all-black. We all have been there and done that. Try something more interesting. Add patterns, textures, or subtle color! And if you must do all-white or all-black (because, I know it’s hard not to), try incorporating various textures to give your photos more depth.
  3. Dress comfortably … especially if young children are involved! Remember you will be sitting, standing, running, dancing, etc. You don’t want to be constantly adjusting your straps or tugging on your too-short dress.
  4. Have fun and be you! Rules are made to be broken, so be you and have fun!

Below are a few photos from another beach trip. Notice how my kaftan was the inspirational piece. The girls’ swimsuits coordinated, and they were comfortable. This shoot took place around 7AM, and the girls had the best time with the beach to themselves!

IMG_9751 (1)


Outfit Details: past season Mara Hoffman kaftan // past season Seafolly girls’ flamingo bikini

Photography by Stefanie Cascio Photography.


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